Too Good To Go — save food and money!

In total, one third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. In Germany, this amounts to around 18 million tonnes per year, some of which is still suitable for consumption. That's quite a lot and quite crazy — but what can we do about it? What is already widespread among "food savers" is now also a trend at German universities: eating a lot, even on a small budget. "Foodsharing", "Mundraub" — we might be familiar with these, but what about Too Good To Go? (hereinafter TGTG)

TGTG is a start-up founded in 2015 with the aim of reducing food waste in restaurants, hotels and cafés. And the results so far are impressive: To this point, around 3.3 million meals from almost 6000 restaurants have already been saved. According to the TGTG website, this corresponds to 6000 tonnes of CO2 saved, which in turn corresponds roughly to the CO2 emissions of 15 flights to the moon — wow! 

How can you join this wonderful mission? Just download the app (for free) and see which meals you can save in your area, choose how many portions you want to pick up and how you want to pay. Then you can get your tasty food at the time indicated and simply enjoy. Personally, I also like the app so much because it is a win-win-win situation. The restaurants win because they throw less away and still earn a little money from TGTG users. The environment benefits because a great amount of CO2 is saved. And we as customers also benefit, because we can net really fine food at a low price (approx. 3-4 € per portion).

After already trying the whole thing a few times, I am still enthusiastic. The app is easy to use, you are always warmly welcomed in the cafés and restaurants and you can often even put together yourself what you want to eat. From the market stall, the bakery, the pastry shop, hotels to vegan restaurants, there is something for everyone. Even on holiday, you don't have to miss your loyal companion TGTG, because the app is already available in eight countries: So if you are on holiday in Denmark, Great Britain, France, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands or Switzerland, you can also save money and food while still tasting regional specialities. 

A company with a similar structure is ResQ, which was founded in January 2016 with the same goal. Unfortunately, this app now specializes in the area around Berlin and has withdrawn from other cities. But when you are in Berlin, you can find many attractive offers to indulge in via ResQ. 

Have fun trying it out & enjoy your (first) saved meal!

Louisa Balthasar