You Don't Need to be Alone in This

On November 17th, we had the pleasure to organize a presentation and workshop as part of the program of the Berlin Model of United Nations (BERMUN) at the John F. Kennedy school in Berlin. The BERMUN is a youth conference that attracts forward thinking adolescents from the globe to learn, debate and create solutions to the most pressing problems that our current society deals with. Of course, the topic of plastic could not miss in the conference’s program and we were very glad to guide the participants to how they could mobilize more civil engagement with regard to sustainability. We designed the workshop with a solution-based approach instead of being problem-focused. The event was well organized and we were very impressed by how attentive, curious and critical the participants were about the topic of sustainability!


So, what did we actually discuss?

We talked about Stay With Me and how we actually started. We mentioned the ups and downs, something that one could expect when thinking about starting a project yourself. We learned that it is quite important to lose our fear of failure. Mistakes are something to learn from, and might help us to reach your goal eventually. In the end, we divided all participants in small groups and worked on a societal problem selected out of six different categories (social, environmental, political, technological, economical) We pursued our solution-based approach by adopting a systems perspective in our workshop to strategically analyze what are the actual reasons and structures behind the respective societal problem. All ideas were well-thought and impressive. For instance, one group proposed a new cup system for public institutions. In hindsight, we heard that some groups started to further develop their ideas.

We are very glad that we could put the problem of plastic on the agenda of such a conference and see young people being motivated to change the current environmental situation. The bigger the change, the better.

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Julian Willming