One CLICK can create a movement!

When our team attended the EYE Conference in early June this year, we met many people, and some of them we outstanding, like Laura. Laura is the founder of ZeroWaste Latvija, a movement that started three years ago, simply as a facebook page and then a facebook group, which up until now counts 7000 members. Their first name was Zero Waste Riga, which then changed to ZeroWaste Latvija, because people became interested in the movement nation-wide.They like the idea of “a movement”, because they think a movement can create true, meaningful change. On August 1st 2018 (which is the Earth Overshoot Day) they officially founded their organization.

When they first started the group, they realized that people were more and more aware of what zero waste is and asked how they can participate, how they can change. The group functions as a discussion platform, on which latest discoveries are being discussed critically or even scientific papers uploaded. Zero Waste Latvia also create interesting events, during which they teach e.g. how to design a fabric bag. They also participate in other organizations as volunteers and partners, speaker in lectures or schools. In the future, just like us, they aim to collaborate with entrepreneurs and companies so that they can help them to be more eco-friendly. As a lot of people turn to them wondering, how they can truly become more eco-friendly.

All members of other organizations, try change national legislation. For instance, Latvia aims to ban plastic bags or charge them, but they criticize that this is not enough action.

But who is behind ZeroWaste Latvia? There are many volunteers, and seven people in the board. Officially, they are eleven members.The group works with low hierarchies and there are little specific roles, a “hands-on” mentality exists between members.

Laura prefers to be able to imagine a future, because she knows, if she can help shape it , she might as well. As otherwise we will be extinct and there will be no human future! “We all have to do something to prevent the planet from a disaster!”

Unfortunately, the group is for Latvians only! But it's good to spread the word, to show that there are people all over the world, who are willing to fight this battle.


Henriette Reinhardt

Henriette Reinhardt