Stay With Me is building a future in which sustainability is drawn out of the darkness and placed center-stage, where individuals, businesses, and most importantly, communities, are empowered to make simple changes with far-reaching results.  


Why We Started to care about Consumption

Facing the current global threat of environmental degradation, Stay With Me is an organization that connects individuals, communities and companies to bring sustainability into spoken word. Stay With Me provides both the tools and power to those that think of climate change as one of the biggest issues of our contemporary and future society. We think change comes through critical thinking about how and why we consume products. To accomplish this goal, we provide creative consulting and a discussion space for everybody, regardless of  whether they share our vision.


YOur Options - A Roadmap for change

Although we know it's not the only way forward, change does start with your personal behavior towards the environment and we all share this responsibility. And yes, it's not nearly easy as some people might pretend. We don’t want to make any grand and overcomplicated claims, so here you can find a roadmap that will help you reduce waste and lead a more sustainable life in general. But don’t worry: we are not perfect and don’t expect perfection from anyone. This roadmap will also show you how to demand the structural change that can make sustainability more accessible. We are all in this together!


get involved!

As an organization, we are constantly working to increase our network of dedicated and like-minded partners who share our vision of a grassroots-oriented movement to reshape consumption patterns.  We believe that everyone has talent and the power to create change. If you share this view, become a part of our community!