Past events

Here is an overview of all our past events and workshops. Feel like you missed out? Want to work with us? Don't hesitate to reach out for more information on a specific workshop or topic, or organize a tailor-built workshop with you!   


Stay with me X eye

1-2 June 2018
Strasbourg, France

We gave a workshop at the 2018 European Youth Event explaining why environmental concerns need to be pushed more onto the European agenda with a focus on plastic consumption. We critiqued the then-recent European Plastic Strategy for a Circular Economy for its industry-oriented outlook and failure to take European citizens and consumers into account as part of the solution, as well as showing how a life with less plastic can be achieved through fashionable alternatives. Each participant received a goodie to kickstart a life with less plastic. After the presentation, we divided the group into teams to come up with or enhance plastic reduction campaigns and policy proposals at the local or national level that could be replicated all over the EU in order to press the issue of plastic onto the European agenda and create a better and more sustainable world for all. The groups with the best campaign ideas were then rewarded with a prize and the opportunity to initiate this campaign in collaboration with SWM.


STay With Me x Lollapalooza

9-10 september 2017
Berlin, Germany

Stay With Me returned to the “Grüner Kiez” (or Green Neighbourhood) at the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin where initiatives and NGOs presented their ideas for a greener future. During the festival, myriad and diverse visitors came to us to ask us questions about plastic, share their thoughts, and take part in what we had planned for them. Our team prepared a small quiz with questions about plastic and a plastic challenge. Participants in the quiz had the chance to design their own Stay With Me cotton bag, sponsored in partnership with Druckerei Dorsten and Cottonbagjoe. People who completed our challenge additionally received a bamboo toothbrush from either Bambudent or Hydrophil. Our goal was to inform people of all ages about the consequences of plastic, what damage it does to our environment and at the same time provide them with alternatives such as everyday products and tips to reduce plastic waste in their daily lives.



stay with me x wilde möhre festival

10-13 august 2017
Drebkau, Germany

In addition to bringing fun through a  great selection of techno DJs, up-and-coming artists, and theatrical performances, the Wilde Möhre Festival offers a unique platform for art and knowledge, including environmental initiatives like ours. Inside a charming, crowded hut, we gave a two-hour workshop explaining the not-so-great aspects of plastic, and then taught participants how to create their own deodorant (a necessity at a festival!) from baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils.



Less Plastic, Less Worries! Workshop with Christian Sieg

23 July 2017
Berlin, Germany

After Christian read about us in the Berliner Zeitung, he requested a private workshop for his friends and colleagues on live more sustainably. On a Sunday afternoon, he gave Stay With Me a space to discuss the impacts of plastic, inform attendees about people and organizations engaged in finding solutions to the problem, and how they can reduce plastic to the best of their abilities in everyday life. After the event, the participants left inspired and armed with our SWM glass bottles, self-made bags, and and informative booklet, helping them make their first steps towards a more sustainable life.



9 July 2016
Berlin, Germany

After the success of the first New Roots party, we took to the dancefloor again with our friends from The Cave, this time in Berlin. The combination of great music with sustainably sourced and low waste snacks and drinks kept us going throughout the night, and we were blessed with a wonderful impromptu performance by [what was that freestyle dude’s name??? and the vice journalist lady?]



28 May 2016
Groningen, The Netherlands

This sustainably-minded party was organized collaboration with “The Cave.” We served drinks in reusable glasses and homemade tofu sandwiches. Split between two spaces (one for dancing and other for relaxing), our DJ friends from The Cave provided great music, while “Post-prehistoric” “Kapkumba” visuals were deliberately embedded in the party space.

Every single decision will have an echo for the future human generations. We should have fun and gather together with a better mindset. Doing good should be fun! Time to create better New Roots!



Stay with me x Lollapalooza 

12-13 September 2015
Berlin, Germany

In September 2015 the popular Lollapalooza came to Berlin for the first time and we were delighted to be part of the “Grüner Kiez” (the Green Neighbourhood) alongside many organisations fighting for a more sustainable life such as “Viva con Agua!”, “Deutsche Tinitus Stiftung Charité,” “Original Beans,” and more! This was our first time working with such a big festival and an unforgettable event! We had the chance to promote a lifestyle with less plastic waste and to raise more awareness about the problem through displaying posters, providing information, screening excerpts from the film “Plastic Planet,” and introducing the “Plastic to Body” challenge in which  visitors were invited to run through the festival with plastic waste stuck to them. The Green Neighbourhood and the Lollapalooza were a great experience with lots of love, good music, awesome people and an accomplished mission.