Room 2

#StayWithMe in Public Space
Susanna SchOEnberg (With ARte e Parte)

Travelling on a train from Cologne Nippes station to Düsseldorf main station and back, in order to stay together with the artists of the #staywithme program on May 1st, 2020.


#staywithme in public space on google maps


collecting public spots for art that is to be acted on

If you wish to participate in the project, please follow the instructions as listed below.


1 choose an accessible place that you can physically reach and also find on google maps;

2 visit the chosen place;

3 give a name to this place (something functional like „footpath“ or „sidewalk“ or „phone booth“, or personal like „I’m here every day at 8 am“ or „the entrance of the supermarket I’m used to”, or a longer description which does make sense for you);

4 choose a position for you at this place (where exactly to stay or to seat, or to lie);

5 fix a main point of view and take a picture of the space in front of you; please take a note of the cardinal point you are looking at;

6 take 3 more pictures by turning you around (clockwise);

7 record a sound file of 1 minute as soon as you are in the same position as 5 (your main point of view);

8 before sending the 4 pictures and 1 audio file to arte-e-parte, please check on google maps the exact position you have been recording evidences, and generate a link of this position;

9 send to the google maps link plus the 5 files, plus the name you gave to the place, plus the time stamp of your visit at the site.

arte-e-parte will confirm the reception of your mail and contact you with the instruction of STEP TWO in order to finalize your contribution to the project.