Room 5

Notte in Bianco
Constanza Villareal

“Because the troubles of the worlds have grown so big and encompass both culture and nature, each person can find a crack nearby that can be turned into a golden seam.”

Michael Meade, (the mythologist – golden mending the sage)

Notte in bianco‘ is a series of textile drawings, about  those nights spent awake while everyone is asleep, caring for someone, old, young, or the life of the natural world, in a fragile state. It is a project developed in the context of Stay with me, when the darkness of the pandemic awakened us all, highlighting the things to be healed in society, in the system of values, and in the environment.

I want this series to be a metaphorical landscape of restoring and reconnecting. Using the stitch and the mark making as elements of suture and the recovered fabric as a substrate, I explore the domestic poetics of active care. The multilayer textile pieces mended and embroidered,  highlight the fragility of life, its preciousness and mystery. Looking at a visible and beautifully mended fabric, tells a story of compassion and tenderness, values I would like to bring to attention. 

With my work, I intend to cultivate a deeper appreciation for those who actively guard life, that inspire action and gratitude.