Room 7

Andrea Borghi
Demonstration of “Discomateria”

DISCOMATERIA #36 | 2019 | Carrara white marble 

Recording of audio produced by “Discomateria”

Tactility is something Andrea Borghi has been exploring in his music over the course of his entire career. Discomateria are objects in the shape and size of an LP manufactured in various materials such as glass, resin, metal and recently marble amongst other materials. In practice, Discomateria are used to produce sound directly from the material by being played on modified and customized turntables and processed with substances that transform the structure of the materials surface such as acid.
These discs are treated and in real-time processed to generate sound and also becomes autonomous art objects.

‘Using a prepared turntable, and other gear, Andrea Borghi creates an immediate, organic auditory experience that focuses on a slowly rotating mechanism which objects are dragged across the surface of, or perhaps roll around in a container. The closeness, or even intimacy, of these kinetic impressions strongly command the listener’s attention in a meditative way – perhaps not unlike watching a potter at the wheel, shaping clay or a textile worker at the loom. These recordings capture rhythmically ordinary movements that feel familiar, even if we cannot immediately identify the movements themselves’.

Gray Lee | Houdini Mansions_ October 25, 2018