THE Team

Founded by two high school students in 2014 in Berlin, Stay With Me is now a dynamic and nonhierarchical collection of students, entrepreneurs, and activists. We combine our individual capabilities as we explore more sustainable frameworks for consumption and use our voices to influence those in power. 

henriette photo.jpg

Henriette Reinhardt

I founded Stay With Me as a high school student in 2014 with my best friend, because I wanted to have a positive impact on the world. We will be the ones dealing with the consequences of climate change and our throw-away society. From scratch we build a movement that has inspired thousands to re-think. Offering a platform for critical thinking on sustainability related problems, we try to take other people along our journey, inspiring them to join Stay With Me or to rethink. We do not have all the answers, but the questions. We try to explore these constantly seeking to jointly explore the best approaches for sustainability. We need more young people like us that demand structural change in a constructive manner and I hope that we inspire others to engage with their world, in whatever way they wish to. My personal sustainability challenge is that I buy prepackaged food at the supermarket because I just cannot afford to buy them unpackaged at the organic store, and always miss the market on weekdays, because I travel so much. But I always have my reusable cup with me (because I am a coffee addict!) and always remove my makeup with coconut oil.



Zoya Penwell

As an overachieving international relations student, I am almost constantly busy with uni, internships, and trying to squeeze in a social life around the edges in addition to my roles as the SWM creative director and editor. I have always been more focused on structural rather than personal change as we fight for a more sustainable future. I have ADHD, and the medication I take comes packaged in an obscene amount of plastic, laminated cardboard, and foil: we should all be able to live sustainably without sacrificing our well-being!

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Cihan Baltepe

I was estranged from my surroundings and actions. For instance, I did not know what it takes to make one plastic “disposable fork”: Extract the oil from the earth, transport it to processing factories, create polymer, transport the polymer to an another factory to produce “disposable” plastic fork, deliver the plastic fork to the main distributor, deliver the fork to the supermarket nearby. A person buys it and uses it for 15 minutes and throws it away.

This did not seem like a wise way of existing. Things are entangled. I am here to explore the roots of the problems and create solutions.

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Karolina Mushak

I personally got inspired a few years ago by the documentary “Plastic Planet” and since then I had the desire to change something, therefore I joined Stay With Me as our operational manager. During the years I learned that it’s quite hard to live completely zero waste but it’s about the small steps that make the difference. I believe that Stay With Me can help others to kick start a life with less plastic and provide them with a starter pack for a more sustainable life.

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JUlian Willming

I coordinate events, workshops and people. My main principle is to live in a just and equal society that fosters community-living and less egocentric behavior. Taking care of the environment is one path of living with this principle and Stay With Me provides the platform in which equal, diverse and open-minded discussions can take place.

Clara Reinhardt

In Stay With Me I found a fundament in people that want to change the world. People that know that there are no excuses not to do so. We want to show the world that change starts from below and does not mean to lower your standards. I am the secretary and social media operator of Stay With Me.



As an organization, we are constantly working to increase our network of dedicated and like-minded partners who share our vision of a grassroots-oriented movement to reshape consumption patterns.  We believe that everyone has talent and the power to create change. If you share this view, become a part of our community! 

Stay With Me ambassadors participate in a variety of ways, depending on time, financial resources, and interests. Every contribution matters. Ambassadors can: 

  • Participate in or help organize workshops.

  • Conduct local research to add to our knowledge base.

  • Propose new projects.

  • Collaborate with us creatively.