So, What is it that you actually do?

Well, this obviously can't be explained in one word, but we do everything in our power to have an impact on current consumption patterns which currently harm not only the environment, but how we live with one another. Our scope is small, but far from insignificant: we go to festivals, schools, and smaller companies to educate them about waste management and our responsibility to the environment.

Why did you start stay with me?

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How can I become More sustainable?

Of course it’s very difficult to live a super sustainable lifestyle if you don’t have enough time and money to manage it, but there are still other possibilities to kick start. It is important to take things step by step. First start with replacing plastic bags and plastic bottles with alternative products like your favorite cotton bag, bags made of recycled plastic, glass or steel bottles. Then you can take net bags to the supermarket for your fruits and vegetables. In this way you avoid the thin, single use plastic bags which are very harmful for the environment as well. The next step is to have a look at your daily used products, for example in the bathroom. There are many alternatives to scrubs, toothbrushes, sponges etc. If you want to know more in regard to alternative products, feel free to message us directly!

How can I Get involved?

First, you could subscribe to our mailing list and stay updated on our current developments, discourses and collaborations. Second, we are constantly looking for recommendations for future collaborations ranging from festivals to political events. Third, we aim to build a network of autonomous people who see themselves organizing a collaboration. We are always looking for more people to work with hand-in-hand and realize as many small-scale projects as we can!


Why are you so focused on the environment?

We believe that a just and equal world is one in which all stakeholders are taken into account and every entity has a fair chance of being represented. The environment is constantly underrepresented in political, community and personal discussions, and we provide a platform in which environmental topics can be carried into the broader discourse. Furthermore, with environmental responsibility comes less egocentric thinking: taking care of the environment and other people instead of only focusing on yourself is a small step that we want to achieve through our work.

You talk a lot about plastic consumption and reduction, but do you even live zero-waste?

We firmly do not see ourselves as a zero-waste organization: this concept has a tendency to reduce our moral imperative to live more sustainably to a trendy, “feelgood” movement that does not actually address the root of the problem. It’s great that less plastic waste is generated, but given current circumstances, the idea of zero-waste is nothing more than a myth. The trash might not end up at your house, but is still generated at almost every level of production and then hidden away upon arrival at your local “unpackaged store”.